Maid Services & Office Cleaning in Elmhurst, IL

Our Story

We love the work that we do, and helping our customers live enriched, balanced lives! For many, life has turned to a hyper-fast and tough circus-act. If you feel you don’t have a “family life”, but instead a rich “Scrambly Life” then you are in the right spot! Here is what we call the “scrambly life”…

Scrambly-Life [ˈskrambəl/ lē] noun

  1. Life lived by a wildly, crazy busy household where daily life is fragmented string of “must-do’s”, and the constant juggle of work, home, finances, pets, kids sports, homework, hunt for foodie pleasures and dazzling your in-laws.
  2. You know you are living a “scrambly life” when you arrive at the coffee bar at the end of your morning rat race you find yourself saying “I’ll take a Café-Mocha-Vodka-Latte to go please” so you can make it through your list.

Life is about more than getting through your “To-Do” list!

There are so many great things we need to squeeze in. Heading out to see a show, a coveted “date night”, enjoying a last minute weekend away, or entertaining drop-in guests. Seize the moment! Live life to its fullest, and don’t get mired into the drudgery.

That’s my philosophy. I’m Gosia Baran and I love the business that I have built and the clients that we serve. In 2001 after 9/11 my employer unexpectedly laid off several people and I was one of them (I was working in accounting in a law firm), I started thinking about “what’s next”? Being a young mom, my husband and I decided I should start a business of my own. Inspired by having a poor experience with a cleaning service, I thought “they don’t really understand what the customer wants.” … Late arrival, racing through the house, missing all of the corners, and providing a service that was “the crew’s way or the highway.”…Did they not understand that service like that adds to the home owners’ headaches, not help? The last thing a busy household needs is to have to babysit or follow up on the cleanings service. And thus Helping Hands was born.

Our focus is on providing a service where our clients have peace of mind

Our focus is on providing a service where our clients have peace of mind that the cleaning is done with the same care and effort that you would do if you had the time. We run a professional service, schedule cleaning times that are convenient for the client, specialize in fine finishes and help maintain client’s quality surfaces and finishes. In order to maintain the highest quality service, we survey every cleaning. We want to know how our clients feel about the services we provide.

About our Team

You won’t believe the rock star cleaners that we have to come clean your home. People that are hard working, trained and skilled, go-the-extra-mile kind of people. Our employees are one of a kind, and we keep our secret formula going with…

  • Our people love to clean and take pride at what they do
  • Background Checks
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Rigorous pre-employment testing
  • Pay for Performance program
  • Over 100 hours of training in the first year
  • Ongoing training on surfaces and cleaning products
  • Collaborative cleaning team approach where everyone’s ideas and efforts are valued

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