We Focus on Your Home, so You Can Focus on Your Health!

My team is so proud of the FREE cleanings that we have been able to provide for Women with Cancer. We partner and donate generously to Cleaning for a Reason, so that women undergoing treatment can feel safe, secure, and some normalcy… while they heal.

How it Works

Helping Hands commits to donating to at least 2 patients at a time for 4 monthly cleans per patient, FREE of charge, as well as donating to help the organization, so that it can be ran with the best level of service.

To Get Started…

  • Patients should complete the short patient application with Cleaning for a Reason, that pre-qualifies you, and a match is made.
  • If you know that Helping Hands is the cleaning service that you would like to be matched with, request our service on your application, if possible. Your application will include a doctor’s note to verify treatment.
  • Once all is completed you are done! The maid service you are matched with (hopefully Helping Hands) will contact you to schedule your cleaning.

Over 200 FREE Cleanings provided so far!

  1. It’s What We Do
    Every day we help women simplify their lives. Being a part of the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation is a natural fit for our busy maid service. We are grateful to have many loyal customers, we are proud of the services we provide and are happy to help those in need. We are committed to continue providing the gift of a clean home to women undergoing treatment for cancer through the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation.
  2. So Fighters Can Focus on Their Health
    Having someone clean your home when you’re ill with cancer may not sound like much, but when women are undergoing cancer treatment they don’t have the energy to keep up with cleaning. It’s just one more burden lifted from their shoulders so they can focus on their health and family. We are happy to be able to share our expertise and passion for cleaning during this difficult time in their lives.
  3. Our Community Responsibility
    We believe responsible businesses look for ways to reach out to their communities. We are committed to being a leader in our industry by doing our part. We enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from our volunteer efforts and consider it a privilege to put a smile on someone’s face. We recognize that payment can take many forms in addition to money. The personal gratification gained from helping others is an immeasurable reward.
    For more information or to register yourself or a friend for service, visit the Cleaning for a Reason website.