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Household cleaning chemicals

Household Cleaning Chemicals – How to Keep Your Family Safe

When you think of poisons, it’s likely that you envision a menacing bottle with a skull and crossbones featured prominently, not the cleaning products you store under your kitchen sink. However, the cleaners and solvents that you use in your home are just as dangerous to your family as the bottle you pictured in your imagination. We’ve got some useful tips to keep your family safe from the everyday household chemicals that are found in every home.

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We use microfiber cloths to clean your home

Why We Use Microfiber Cloths and Mops to Clean Your Home

Microfiber cloths and mops have long been one of professional cleaners’ favorite tools, and now they’re making their way into many households. When microfibers were first invented in Sweden in the 1980s, European cleaning professionals happily adopted the dense yet lightweight material that packs a cleaning punch. They finally started taking off in the early 2000’s in America, and now they’re among the most common tools used in the professional cleaning industry, due mainly to their effectiveness at removing soil.

Why are our cleaners using microfibers in your home? Here’s a breakdown of some of the reasons we swear by microfibers.

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Wood floor care tips for homes

Wood Floor Care Tips and Tricks For Homeowners

While wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, wood floor care is a scary prospect for many homeowners. However, when you know what you’re doing, caring for your wood floors is much less intimidating than you might think. We’ve got some helpful tips for any homeowner who hopes to keep their wood floors in peak condition for years to come.

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house cleaning checklist

House Cleaning Checklist: What Should I Clean and How Often?

House cleaning might seem like a simple task in theory; if something gets dirty, clean it up! If there’s clutter, clear it away! Done! The reality isn’t quite that simple. How often should you, say, dust your blinds? Wash your curtains? Clean your oven? That’s where the confusion sets in. How do you know what you need to clean and how often you should clean it? Here is a house cleaning checklist that will help.

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